Thursday, 5 May 2011

Floating city

It looks like a scene from a science-fiction film, but the floating city is potentially a solution for places that natural disasters and extreme weather conditions devastated. The imposing structure would be 366 meters tall and stretched to the 279 acres, and at that point could be 40,000 people. Inside the floating city, there would be all that exists in normal capital-from the hotel, across stores and to casinos and schools. This metropolis is also equipped with gardens, a special super-fast elevators and moving walks for pedestrians.

The project was inspired by the disastrous consequences of Hurricane Katrina from 2005. which hit New Orleans. The damage was so great that the city is still in the process of rebuilding. Now a group of designers, whose base is in Boston, made ​​a new proposal for a floating city that will be located on the Mississippi River levee. The project named "New Orleans Arcology Habitat" is an acronym NOAH.

Structurally he can submit a strong storm shock without any consequences for residents. Kevin Schopfer, chief designer of the project, explains that the team had three main starting points in creating an amazing city.

The first challenge is to overcome the psychological and physical vulnerability caused by natural disasters. The need to ensure stable and secure environment is paramount for long-term recovery and prosperity of New Orleans. Another challenge was that New Orleans has too much water. The city is built on the sea and below sea level, making the water level is still high, even at risk of flooding and stormy. Third, the city is built in wet conditions, soil contains layers of mud, silt and clay. Such conditions bring a broad range of difficulties. Our solution to overcome these challenges is to take advantage of the first presentation of controversial issues of urban floating platforms - Schopfer said.

Although the initial idea to be built in New Orleans, the designers believe that similar projects could be practiced in any other urban area on the coast.
In addition to apartment blocks, this city would also have schools, commercial buildings, hotels, casinos, parking. This project is an incredible resource that improves the current expectations of New Orleans. This is the gate of a new era of development of urban areas - said Schopfer.

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