Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A huge asteroid will pass Earth at the end of the year

A giant asteroid weighs 55 million tons will pass by the Earth later this year, provides NASA experts.
According to forecasts of scientists in November, the asteroid will pass between the planet and moon, and will be visible with small telescopes.

"This opportunity to see an asteroid up close was a real rarity,"said Robin Skagel, Vice-Chair of the British society for popular astronomy, reports the Daily Telegraph.

If an asteroid of this size and weight hit the Earth would have the impact as much as 65,000 nuclear bombs, and would leave behind a crater six miles wide and over 600 meters deep.

Asteroid named YU55 will go on past Earth at a distance of 320,480 kilometers. This is the first large facility that will pass so close to our planet.

NASA has been officially designated as potentially dangerous YU55 facility, but emphasized that, given its current direction, there is no reason for alarm.

YU55 asteroid orbits the Sun every 14 years. The former is passed by Earth in April 2010. years at a distance of 1.5 million years.

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