Monday, 30 May 2011

Mirror that measures the heart rate

On fifth award for the best invention that allocates scientific magazine "Popular Science", first place, took the project Zer Po Ming, a student from Massachusetts who invented the mirror that can measure vital signs.

2009th a young Zer Pou Ming, a student of electrical and medical-engineering from the University of Massachusetts, has fallen on mind to setup a web camera on his laptop computer and convert it into a device for measuring heart rate.

The device, which is then made ​​was not quite right in his work, but from the idea to create software that will help doctors and patients with heart problems, he created the project that won first prize - a mirror that measures vital signs.

Last year he came up with the idea to make a double layer mirror behind which is the camera that is connected to your laptop, and that when you stand in front of him measure your heart when rate, you see the reflection. When he see someone standing in front of him, the mirror measures heart rate that sends blood to the blood vessels.

Blood absorbs light, so that more blood flows through blood vessels, the smaller the reflection of light by the mirror reads. Web camera that is placed in the mirror and read tiny fluctuations in reflected light, a computer program that converts data in heart rate, as explained Ming Zer Po.

This feature is not new, but until now researchers tracked the heart and other organs via high resolution cameras, and the idea of young scientists was that this invention is adapted to all cameras ordinary laptops and cameras, smart phones, to make him accessible to all users, not just those with "deep pockets.

The whole project has helped him with the same university roommate, Dan Mekdaf, which was designed for data processing in real time, which helps ordinary camera to generate data and be evident as the number of heart beats on a laptop. These two boys are still wonderfully improved mirror, they want to put on the market later this year, and its price is still not known.

In addition to this "medical condition" will be able to measure heart rate, will be able to read the work of other bodies, such as breathing and oxygen levels.

- This mirror will be able to show you your inner health. When people are reflected in it will be able to think that it is their identity inside, and it shows not only their outward appearance - said Zer Po Ming about his invention.

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