Sunday, 22 May 2011

Material thinner than paper and stronger than steel

Scientists have developed super material that is thinner than paper, but also ten times stronger than steel.
Inventors grafenick paper, compounds based on graphite, argue that not only lighter, stronger, stiffer and more flexible than steel, but also environmentally friendly.

Scientists claim that a revolution in the automotive industry and aircraft manufacturing.

Specifically, grafenick paper is six times lighter than steel, has six times less dense, is ten times stronger and thirteen times flexible. Since it is graphene, a material has the electrical, mechanical and thermal properties. It is made up of a number of single hexagonal sheets of carbon that is chemically reformed from graphite.

Perhaps best of all to the production of paper grafenick is complex and expensive, and it could have wide use in the manufacture of automobiles and airplanes, where the producers have long turned to the use of carbon fiber to reduce weight and reduce fuel consumption, writes the British media .

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