Monday, 16 May 2011

Lake without banks

The salt water of the Arctic Ocean, was discovered in the area with fresh water, which can negatively affect the climate in western Europe. It is a Boforovo sea, part of the Arctic Ocean, which laps the shores of Alaska and Canada. Scientists working on problems of climate change and marine ecosystems, they found a circular current. The area of fresh water is located over the saltwater thesis, with almost no interference occurs. This freshwater lake with no shores, the quantity of fresh water, double the Lake Victoria. A huge amount of fresh water, apparently formed due to melting glaciers of the Canadian Arctic archipelago and the Arctic ice cap. The existence of the lake, no matter how strange, hides in itself a great danger to the climate in Western Europe, 5,000 kilometers away. Moving fresh water in the northern Atlantic, it could change the circulation of air and lower temperatures in this region. Hot mass is usually due to the west of Europe, but after moving fresh water, there may occur by cooling. It is paradoxically associated with global warming, caused by melting Arctic iceMost experts, but now does not deny the fact that there has been warming, but rejected a theory linking climate to human activities. This means that we are now powerless to prevent the consequences of such a mature and fresh water in the Arctic.

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