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Faster than light (if possible)

Although the speed of about 300,000 miles per second "red wax" sealed in the special theory of relativity, Albert Einstein, have recently reported three science fellowship that is in their experiments exceeded.

"There is nothing so absurd

as a philosopher, but he did not say "


A journey through the "time wormhole" (or "cosmic shortcuts") is still beyond the reach of humankind.

The final frontier theoretical developments shaped the famous Albert Einstein is the 1905th The "miraculous year" (annus mirabilis) that was later called, saying that nothing (absolutely nothing) can not exceed the speed of light - about 300,000 miles per second! More specifically, it's speed through a vacuum, when it spreads through the air or glass, is reduced somewhat.

And that's "red wax" seal in the special theory of relativity. No matter how hard you try, you will never get to move faster.

Although physicists have struggled to show and prove to be faster (one of three Olympic principles), only recently have two gang - according to the prestigious journal "heavy work rivju B" - achieved the feat so far elusive. But do not worry: cleverly designed experiments do not violate the sanctity of relativity. In fact, only a slight acceleration of the flow data svetlovodima (optical cables).

Out before entering

As it turns out that the uniform light flash (pulse) travels faster than the speed of light?

If you think of it as a kind of electromagnetic radiation that stretches through space, you can draw the curve on the chart, the volume (intensity): Starting in the plane (zero), smooth climbs to a peak and then decreases to the initial value.

But this tip might be considered as the sum of waves with a wavelength range, which rise and fall, accumulating with each other on top. At the heart of different pulse waves are classified by reinforcing each other. In contrast, the front and rear edges of different waves are out of the line and cancel out each other.

Now suppose that a light pulse is forced through a special material that slows down one wavelength relative to the other. And that changes the way the waves lined and, at first sight puzzling, shifts the point at which reinforce each other in extent, and it seems to be moving faster than light! And what is even stranger: the top of waves can occur at the very end before he even passed through the material!

Out before entering! Not even the most skilled magicians that you are not accustomed to afford a similar illusion, which is reflected in two separate and recently demonstrated and proven.

In stock maelstrom
Vitaly Lomakina University of California at San Diego (USA) and researchers at the University of Navarra in Pamplona (Spain) - according to allegations in the prestigious journal "heavy work rivju B" - forced to beat the unbeatable Light physical (and fizičarsko) limit. Microwaves are sent out by 35 micrometers (thousandths of a millimeter) thin copper sheet with drilled holes, placed between two Teflon odsečka in the form of a coil thickness of 0.79 millimeters.
What is expected of unusual sandwiches?
The peak microwave flicker (pulse) was supposed to appear before the exit than at entry. First out, then enter. As in a kind of "time machine".
As is known, does not pass through metal much light. Therefore, it is added to Teflon. In previous studies of less than one percent of the cosmic pulse exceeded the limit speed of light. The combination of metal and Teflon for about 100 picoseconds (which bilionitih fraction of a second) arrived earlier, in a tenfold higher amount.
Technical wonders that's not all: Li Zan with Shanghai University (China) said that he had reached a higher speed transfer of silicon svetlovodima (optical cables). At a distance of ten meters is the signal for 221 nanosecond (221 billionth fraction of a second) arrived earlier in the second than in the first sensor, although they are arranged in reverse order. This is described in another eminent ("heavy work rivju leters").
Infinitely small, but measurable.
Although the data will travel faster than light, Zan Li believes that the future will be a little earlier signals disclosed. For about a few hundred nanoseconds. And that would one day have an advantage in speed forward stock indicators, of which we witnessed the unexpected turnaround last week. Hour up, sometimes down, and so a circle.
If you thought that no interpretation of these feats osporavalaca, you are wrong. Science that takes your breath has not said its last word.
"This world is a madhouse full of curious," once I was surprised and Albert Einstein.

Infinite energy

Absolutely moving with constant velocity does not exist. We talk about the movement of something relative to something else. But the light always moves at the same speed, regardless of the so-called reference rate to which the measure.

From the most famous equation of all time (E = mc2), created by the Albert Einstein, it follows that nothing can travel faster than light. Why? Because the infinite amount of energy needed to push the subject to light speed or beyond.

This is explained in the article "The electromagnetics of the body in motion," which had a total of 32 pages and was published in September, the 1905th year in the journal "Der anal physician."

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