Tuesday, 13 September 2011

How would looklike death in black hole

The effect of the laws of physics to black holes takes the extreme values ​​so that it is no wonder why encourages imagination and curiosity not only scientists but also ordinary people.

Astrophysicist and director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, Neil de Gras Tyson, he tried to explain what happened to us if we fall into a black hole:

"Since the black hole's gravity is so great that out of it even light, which moves the highest known rate in the universe can not escape, our fall into one of them would travel in one direction, which in turn means that no one will ever could tell nothing extreme about our experience (we could not even post that send).

Cosmic Yoga to gruesome death

Here's what befell us, according to astrophysicists, if we end up in some cases black hole.

"But if that happened, we would not have died simply because they would disappear into a black hole, but also because the gravity in order to act on our feet was greater than that which would be operated on our head. This is true even when we are at Earth because our feet closer to the center of the country. However, here the difference is negligible. On the other side of black holes are so small and dense that our height becomes important and our feet soon began to travel much faster than the head. Perhaps we feel that in the beginning was pleasant, as when the morning stretch - it would be a kind of cosmic yoga. But over time the bed has increased to such an extent that outweighed its molecular forces that connect our bodies. at one point broke and would be separated into two parts, probably the first at the bottom of the spine. Being below the waist, there are no vital organs, it seems that survived briefly - before they bled. Meanwhile, the gravity of the black hole would be more strengthened and continued to be cut up parts of our body. "- Said Tyson Neil de Gras.

After the dismemberment of the right, "špagetifikacija"

But according to de Gras Tyson is not even the worst that we experienced! In fact, as we fall into a black hole in the overlapping time and space is narrowed, which means that the space they occupy in its narrower than the depth at the top. In other words, while we stretched, the black hole at the same time the grip of us and turns us into the spaghetti in a process for this purpose called "špagetifikacijom".

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