Thursday, 8 September 2011

U.S. building "ghost town" for scientific testing

New Mexico, home to several leading scientific, nuclear and military institutions in the United States, plans to participate in a scientific project of unprecedented wealth - a ghost town will be built exclusively for testing.

As quoted by U.S. media, the Washington company Pegasus Global Holding said it would build a city of 50 square kilometers of which will be used to test everything from renewable energy to intelligent transportation systems, wireless Internet and next-generation cyber-security systems.

Although no one will live in a city, the city will be built on the model of a typical American small town of 35,000 inhabitants, with all roads, houses, commercial and business centers, new and old buildings.

Director Bob Brum company said the $ 200 million worth project, known as the "Center", be the first of its kind in the U.S. and that it will scientists at state universities, federal laboratories, military institutions will be able to test their ideas in 21 urban . century, green technology and infrastructure in a real environment.

It is expected that the new project to attract a sufficient number of investors that the government could open a new technology corridor, such as Silicon Valley in California and Reston, Virginia.

"The idea of ​​the 'Centre' was born when our company was trying to test new technologies outside the sterile environment of laboratories. 'Center' will allow private companies, educational institutions and government agencies to test their ideas in a unique environment with the right infrastructure and thus realize the cost and potential limitations of new technologies, "said Brum.

For example, experts in solar technology will be able to assess how their systems will be delivered and used in some of the house where the thermostat is set at a higher or lower temperature. "Center" will also show how effective their technology in new and old buildings.

Brum said that his company had worked 18 months on this project with New Mexico and the city will be built on state land along the corridor Albuquerque-Santa Fe or Las Kruses in the area near the border with Texas and Mexico.

The northern part of New Mexico is home to Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia, and Intel factory, while the southern part of home station for the launch of White Sands, Fort Bliss and the Institute of Mining and Technology.

The project will initially employ about 350 people but could create jobs for 3,500 seats.

"It would ensure that New Mexico leader in the commercialization of federal research. I would be a magnet for investors," said Bob Brumil.

The city will sustain itself through the use of collection building, selling electricity to local distributors and by leasing parts of the country for the construction of buildings, offices, hotels and restaurants.

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