Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Russians made ​​a hotel in space!

The Russians made ​​the first hotel in space from which will be able to view the Earth through huge windows. The space hotel will open its "doors" for tourists, but the 2016th year and five days at this hotel will cost more than 100,000 euros!

The Russian company "Orbital tecnologies" revealed its plans to build the first space hotel in hopes of adventurers with deep pockets to offer something that no one could.

Called the "commercial space station", this hotel will be located at 349 kilometers above the planet and is accessible using Russian Soyuz rockets.

Visitors, including the Emergency be astronauts with the existing station, will be able to choose whether they want to sleep in a vertical or horizontal beds, given the gravity of which will be located. Cabins with showers will be completely sealed to prevent spills to the water where they should not.

The original announcement saying that five days in this hotel cost more than EUR 100,000. Director of the Russian company, Sergei Kostenko said that his space hotel will be "far more comfortable" than the International Space Station, with four cabins in which they will be able to accommodate seven guests.

- Our plans for the interior of the hotel will not at all resemble the International Space Station. The hotel will be comfortable and will enable views of the Earth through huge windows - Kostenko said.

He added that their target group of wealthy individuals and people who work for private companies who want to explore the universe.

Food will be tailored to personal preferences of guests, but there will be an opportunity to famous chefs cook dishes before they are sent into space.

Kostenko said that some have already signed partnership agreements, and to seek additional funds among private enterprises. He also expressed his confidence that the space hotel will open its "doors" for tourists, but the 2016th years, long before the owner of "Virginia" by Richard Branson built his.

So far only 500 people were in space, despite a few rich people who were willing to pay for the privilege, they were all trained astronauts and cosmonauts.

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