Sunday, 11 September 2011

"Google" runs the offline version of the service

The company "Google" will soon allow its users offline access to their web applications - mail, Gmail, Calendar (Google Calendar) suite of applications and documents (Google Docs) for situations when you can not connect to the Internet.

Access to these services will be implemented through the application of HTML5.

These applications can now work only in "Google's" Chrome browser,''''but in the future plans to support other browsers.

Application for access to Gmail already appeared in stores Chrome Web Store, while applications for the Calendar and Docs to go out these days, it was announced on the blog "Google".

Gmail application lets you read mail, work with a list of letters and answering the mail. Replies will be sent after the user re-connect to the Internet.

Docs from within the app so far is only possible to see the document while editing functions to be added later, according to the site

For applications Gmail and Calendar will be provided the ability to switch between offline and online modes. In "Googl" services and pre-existing ability to work in offline mode, but has not been realized through the application of HTML5, but by extension the development of Gears of which "Google" suspended in February 2010.

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