Monday, 26 September 2011

Fluent glass will ensure fire safety

Scientists from the Siberian city of Tomsk suggest that fires off glass. Together with the MVS has already been carried out tests of this new effective means to fight the fire.
Product innovation based on liquid glass is ready for practical implementation, says Institute Professor of Physics of high technology Tomskog Polytechnic University Vasily Lots.
New extinguishing the aqueous solution of liquid glass - in other words - stationery glue, or as she's known, silicate glue. When the solution to be put into the focus of the first fire evaporates water, there is a certain fall of temperature in this zone. Then the liquid glass, losing water, turn the foil covering the surface of a burning building and in case of further warming it starts to the penny. As a result it creates a layer of lightweight inorganic foam, which does not burn. When extinguishing high temperature compared with water requires much less new funds for fire fighting.
The first field tests have confirmed the efficacy of new agents. During training two brigades were extinguished by four buildings affected by fire: a wooden house, car tires, trays with flammable liquid and branches of fir. The first team used a solution based on liquid glass, the other is traditionally extinguished the fire - with water and foam. Experimentalists have come to terms with all the tasks minute faster. In the case of large areas during fire fighting to multiply decreased. Silicate glass can be eliminated fires with levels of complexity, with the new composition of environmentally neutral and not to harm nature, says Professor Lots.

Fluent glass is added to the different washing powder - it does not harm the man. It is an ecologically clean material. When extinguishing the trees will be cast solution - that nothing bothers me. Obtained easy inorganic foam can be removed if re-dissolved in water, where it gets glue. Or it can be used in the construction industry as a material for thermal insulation.

New product tomskih experts also can be used for fire prevention treatment facilities - for example, walls of wooden buildings, which are located in the vicinity of the source. In addition, the solution will assist in extinguishing fires in oil and gas wells. Mixture will also be able to fill in a small fire extinguishers, which can fit in a backpack.

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