Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Robots behind the wheel

The latest models of cars are all independent. Last news of European concern, for example, are able to park themselves. Also develop systems that could prevent the driver faster than the carom.
Robots more actively involved in our daily lives. They are already helping people in the household: a clean apartment, and gather the ball in the field of golf or a taste for wine. However, are we willing to give up other functions, for example, driving, to be completely surrendered to the technique?
Driver and passenger safety is a top priority for most car companies. Of these, as well as scientific institutions, news arrived of a very interesting and is a major, useful inventions. They are fast and braking system, which senses obstacles, and devices that are able to predict or control the collision that the driver has fallen asleep at the wheel. Otherwise, it is possible that the very notion of a driver soon become history. In China, try unmanned cars, and even plan their production.
Such elaboration of the water and in other countries, but just ahead of China. The Chinese version of the car without a driver's vehicle successfully nearly 300 miles in a certain way. However, not everyone agreed to become a passenger in such car, - says the editor Autoizvestija Oleg Osipov.

After some time, robots will be able to drive the car. For now it is too early to claim that it is completely safe. When there are railway trains, trains in the subway without a driver, therefore, can be a car. It is a totally real perspective. In doing so we will not deny myself the pleasure of driving a car. There is a notion of drive. I am not sure this is right every driver. Otherwise this is a very distant prospect autopilot.
Driving is a good thing, but just because someone wishes to all around her prenerazi art comes to disasters. Robots are not subject to it. In addition, according to calculations draftsman, sophisticated systems react quickly to changing situations on the road.
If sophisticated circuits will occur next year, and to think about the next stage - to become a participant of traffic. Car orient themselves in space with GPS-navigation, and video cameras. Therefore the need of adequate quality and roadside and road signs. However, the main disciplines of other, ordinary drivers, - says Mikhail analyst at Aton Portnov.
In order for a robot on the road was safer than the man behind the wheel, it is essential that all drivers would go on autopilot, because the security level will not rise if one of the car is driving people, and the other autopilots. It is essential that all use the same robots. Only then would meet all the rules. It's hard to imagine the confusion of driving the robot, for example, on the roads of India and Egypt. Many tourists, who visited Cairo and Alexandria, has long remained under the influence of local style of driving on roads where there are practically no traffic lights. In India, the autopilot had to take into account all the participants of traffic - cars, bicycles, rickshaws, donkeys ... However, German inventors are convinced: the future cars will become an ordinary one but through 20 years. Only early to predict - whether at the time of ordinary life to be happy or unhappy.

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