Friday, 9 September 2011

Optical wonder-chip

Optical chip will work a million times faster than electronic

Russian scientists are preparing a revolution in telecommunications technologies. The recently opened laboratory Saint Peterburg University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO SPbGU) water works at creating an optical chip that will give mankind unprecedented opportunities.

The main goal is to create a professional optical computer. Today's computers operate on ordinary electronic chips, which features limited, said Voice of Russia Pavel Belov laboratory manager:

Optical chip will work a million times faster than electronic. Electronic chip has reached its limits. In computers we have today manufacturers are struggling for speed, there are problems with heating system board. Optical chip to solve all these problems, it would be a tremendous step forward in communications and computer technology.

Speed ​​of operations in optical computers will reach 640 gigabits per second, ie speed up internet 100 times! Optical chips can be made of metamaterials, which in nature does, explains Pavel Belov:

We specifically create these materials. That is, we are actually dealing with the creation of a certain class of materials. Usually some materials found in nature and trying to learn about their characteristics, and then apply them. We do the opposite: first to invent the properties that are necessary, and after these properties create.

Metamaterials are already applied in the development of compact antennas for mobile phones or in medicine - to improve the sensitivity tomograph. Yet in the optical range is not so easy to make metamaterials - it is too difficult and time consuming process. Although the results can be fantastic. Who has not dreamed as a child that has a cap that makes it invisible? It turns out that it is quite possible to make such a cap, said Pavel Belov.

Now, during the initial experiments for very small objects, whose size measured in micrometers. You need to look under the microscope to a man convinced that the invisible cap works. In the future it is possible to make a camouflage clothing for the army, which will be invisible at a certain distance.

Scientists from St. Petersburg are hoping to cooperate with the innovation fund Skolkovo. Innovative city planning in the creation of laboratories for metamaterials.

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