Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Table Collider

Russian scientists have made a working model of table Collider, the truth, not andronog, but the laser. In the future, this compact power supplies to dispersed particles infected with greater acceleration than the Great Androni at CERN. A perspective of its practical application, "the older brother of the Swiss" can surely envy.
The idea was born of table Collider at the Institute of Physics, "Lebedev" Russian Academy of Sciences (FIAN). For its implementation, together with the experimentalists MDU was established in laboratories, where he built a miniature model of accelerators. It is a compact laser that generates very short but very strong pulse of energy. Levels electromagnetic fields, which occur while they can not be achieved even when an explosion of new super star in the Universe.
The main advantage is its compact accelerators told "Voice of Russia" doctor of physical-mathematical sciences professor Andrei Saveljev-Trofimov.
It turns out that in the plasma with a laser can create an acceleration field three, four, five times beyond the field, which can be achieved at the Great Andron Collider. This means a radical reduction in size. These are no longer kilometers, the acceleration of electrons takes place at one centimeter or less. A laser system that can provide a relatively small and occupies an area 20-30 square meters.

Table Collider in contrast to his "older brother of the Swiss" that can be widely applied in various fields, continues Saveljev-Trofimov.
Accelerators of this type can be used in the Great Andron for initial acceleration of particles. Applied tasks are primarily associated with the treatment of various cancers by using proton beams. It is realistic to increase the speed of laser proton beams to energies of hundreds of mega-electron, and that kind of energy is required for cancer therapy.
In addition, it is possible to use proton beams in nuclear research process - the creation and sharing core isotopes. Another field is astrophysics, among others, in modeling astrophysical processes: an explosion of new super star or a meteorite hitting the planet.
According to scientists, he and his colleagues access the research impact of cosmic radiation on spacecraft electronics, which depends on the ability to work spaceship.
Foreign experts believe that the invention of table Collider in Russia laid the foundation for a new direction in physics research. Scientists, in the words of Andrew Saveljeva-Trofimova, planned establishment of a new center of high energy physics, which will be a key element of a very powerful compact laser. The plan is to build on during the year in the territory of the Institute of Physics, "Lebedev" RAN.

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