Thursday, 29 September 2011

You think, while others see it on screen - mind reading machine!

Scientists have created an amazing process through which they can see other people's mental images. This discovery will in the future to observe people's thoughts as they arise and develop.

Scientists at the University of California managed to decode the brain activity by measuring blood flow through the visual cortex, and then use that information to construct images of what people see. Technology can now detect only parts of movies that were released to users of this equipment before using the scanner.

However, researchers are convinced that they are on good track to soon discover the way that the display can show the mental images that no one ever saw except the one from whose head "out".

The purpose of this discovery should be the realization of communication with people who have survived a stroke and fell into a coma. However, it is still many hot years, some say decades before such a machine is able to read minds or intentions of persons.

Achievement to which has so far been achieved by the computer programmed to recognize certain visual of information and their relationship to the blood stream in the visual cortex.

Participants in the experiment were watching film trailers, and the computer is "taught" what happens in the brain while people watching the film. After that is inserted in computer database of 18 million seconds of random video YutTub. This material is used to make computer I tried to arrange the picture from the information being received from the brain experimental people.

To ensure that researchers computer not "recognize" that the trailers have been developed, experimented watched trailers that had not been shown. At the end of the experiment the computer was able to create a blurred but recognizable version of what actually took place on the screen.

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